Distributed Defense: How Government Agencies Deploy Hacker-Powered Security


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Many of the most secretive and conservative organizations in the world are reaping the benefits of working with the independent security research community with the help of HackerOne.

The U.S. Department of Defense runs an ongoing Vulnerability Disclosure Program through HackerOne Response. 

The Pentagon, The U.S. Army, and The U.S. Air Force have collectively paid hackers over $400K for their efforts in securing mission-critical assets with a collection of HackerOne Challenges.  

The European Commission recently selected HackerOne as the platform for their first ever bug bounty program with a HackerOne Challenge on the VLC software.

The U.S. General Service Administration’s Technology Transformation Service (TTS, aka 18F) launched the first bug bounty program run by a civilian federal agency with HackerOne Bounty.  

Singapore's Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) ran an immensely successful HackerOne Challenge. 


How government organizations like EU Commission, Singapore MINDEF, The Pentagon, and more are reaping the benefits of hacker-powered security
Statistical successes of each program and testimonials from those running these programs
The varied strategies employed to “crawl, walk, and then run” with hacker-powered programs.
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